Franke’s New Track “Italy” is About Living Life to the Fullest


Brooklyn born singer and songwriter Franke has released a new track called “ITALY” packed with have-fun type of vibes sure to please any party-going youth. According to Franke’s vision “ITALY” is about  sex… definitely sex- it’s just about being able to casually kick it with a girl, and both people being ok with that type of relationship. just on that be young, have fun type of vibe. got a long time to be old and a very short time to be young. society puts a stigma on having fun, but f*** that – sometimes you need to just have a good time.


ITALY” is definitely a fun song to write – it’s an anthem for anyone craving the recklessness of youth. Franke is honest and genuine in his craft and that’s what keeps his fans close.


Listen in on the new song “ITALY” today. Don’t miss it!