Frank Turner's Moving Tribute To Late Frightened Rabbit Singer Scott Hutchison: 'He Was My Friend and I Was Inspired by Him'


During a performance at the Lost Evenings II festival at London’s Roundhouse this past Friday (May 11), folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner gave a heartwarming tribute to Frightened Rabbit lead man Scott Hutchison. Hutchison was confirmed dead earlier in the day on Friday after going missing for two days.

“I had some sad news this morning about my friend Scott Hutchison from the band Frightened Rabbit,” Turner told the crowd at the show, seemingly still processing the information himself. “Scott played this festival last year, on the Sunday morning we sat out back and drank beers and talked shit and played songs. And I don't want to talk about death today, ladies and gentleman. I want to talk about life. Because he was one my fucking favorite people in the world. I fucking love that guy.

Turner said he was inspired by Hutchison and he aspired to be as good a songwriter as his late friend, whose skills he called “fucking incredible.” At press time there was no information on the cause Hutchison's death, though the singer known for his dark, emotionally turbulent lyrics posted two concerning social media messages on the day he went missing.

“Scott decided to go away from us and it breaks my fucking heart,” Turner told the crowd. “But as a songwriter I think the best thing we can have is that if someone goes you keep their fucking songs going… we all need to stick around to tell other people how fucking good Scott was… We’ve got to the bit the set now that I can only describe as a little difficult,” Turner said covered in sweat. He went on to describe how the two them were very close. 

Turner then dove into a beautiful cover Rabbit’s “The Modern Leper,” which he had played alongside Hutchison during a live stream event at Lost Evening's the previous year.

Check out the moving tribute below: