Frank Ocean Debuts Melancholic ‘Little Demon’ Arca Remix Featuring Skepta: Listen


Frank Ocean has been very active on the music front recently. Following the release of singles "DHL" and "In My Room," Ocean debuted the Skepta-assisted "Little Demon (Arca Remix)"  Blonded Radio on Sunday (Nov. 3). 

The club-inspired record was originally previewed during Frank's PrEP+ party on Halloween in NYC (Oct. 31). His online shop also released a 7" "Little Demon" vinyl for $15, which will be shipped out in about two to three months. The Arca remix marks the first collab between the grime rapper and Ocean. 

"Me, I'm fresh as Hendrix shit/ Bleach my Linux shit/ Hot boy, British s–t/ Top Boy, British s–t/ Found the wrong kid/ Gotta calm, kid (Yeah)/ From Congea to orange fever, my orange shit/ Little demon on my shoulder, that's dependin' on my mind/ Somebody pray for my opponents, got this vengeance on my mind/ Is God workin' on it, do we got a vision for my life," Frank sings on the tune's opening verse. 

Listen to the "Little Demon (Arca Remix)" below.