Frandie Talks About Collaborating With A. Slay & N-amouR On New Single“Slowly”


Frandie came together with A.Slay and N-amouR for his new single “Slowly.” The rapper and producer has shared details on how it was like working with the talented artists.

The chemistry between the three is undeniable. Frandie reveals that there were absolutely no challenges and it was an easy ride. Frandie met A.Slay on Instagram and instantly connected with her. After sharing back and forth drafts of “Slowly,” A.Slay added a new flavor to the hook, making it sound ten times better! 

As for working with the DJ and producer N-amouR, they’ve had a different equation. It was a more familiar process as they both knew each other well. N-amouR had previously engineered, mixed, mastered, and co-produced many of Frandie’s songs. He initially sent his voice as reference for back vocals, but Frandie loved it and decided to add to the track.

“Slowly” is a highly aesthetic song with captivating melodies and genuine lyrics that gives Frandie a solid start on his way to the top!

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