Frances Bean Cobain Posts Snippet of Song, Hints That a Single is Coming


Frances Bean Cobain appears to be inching closer to releasing her first ficial single. The 25 year-old daughter late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love posted a brief snippet an emotional ballad on Thursday (May 3) that once again shows f her songwriting chops.

Sitting in what looks like an fice and strumming an acoustic guitar, Cobain sings, “I think I found you/ Penny for your good thoughts/ I think I found you,” her voice rising into the verse on what appeared to be a slightly revised version a track she briefly uploaded a month ago.

While the lyrics becoming somewhat unintelligible after that, the passion and commitment in Cobain's vocals are undeniable. The artist/singer captioned the post “Not hey there delilah,” and when a fan asked if she would ever released the untitled track, Cobain replied simply, “Oh yes.” She expanded that thought in another response to one the many commenters who noted that she looks and sounds a lot like her famous parents, wondering if that spurred her interest in trying music.

“You are probably right in the respect that people probably can make assumptions or conclusions about my art because they are informed about my life’s trajectory,” she wrote. “Not everyone has to like it, that’s not a requirement making and receiving art.” Back on Apr. 5, Cobain posted a similar version the song on the 24th anniversary her father's death then shortly thereafter replaced it with images some her abstract paintings.


not hey there Delilah ——

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