Foxy Brown Pens Open Letter In Defense Of Russell Simmons


Things have not been looking great for music mogul Russell Simmons. Over the past few months, the Def Jam founder has been at the center numerous sexual assault allegations, including accusations rape; in total, over fifteen women have come forward. While Simmons’ contributions to the music industry are no doubt respected, his reputation has no doubt been tarnished. Still, Simmons maintains his innocence throughout the storm, even cooperating with NYPD during investigations. It would appear he’s not alone in that assessment. Former Def Jam artist Foxy Brown has recently added her voice to the discourse, weighing in on Instagram with an open letter.

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Shared alongside a picture herself and Simmons at a fashion show, Foxy’s letter is a vehement defense the mogul’s character: 

“Attesting to the character the man who, as a teenager saved my life. Salaciousness and scandal garners headlines. Cowards cower. But as inarguably, Russell’s biggest Def Jam female protege, (who birthed an era overtly evocative stars), the man I’ve known and loved, was nothing more than the respectful, respected, gentleman and GODFATHER OF HIP-HOP we’ve all adored. In staunch support, Praying for you Russ!?. Let’s send our LOVE. ❤️Fox @unclerush.”

Foxy’s defense comes at a time where sexual assault accusations are at an all time high. Her stance will no doubt prove controversial to some, especially if the accusations against Simmons are indeed true. For now, it would appear Foxy is set on remaining loyal to the man who helped launch her long and storied career.