Four Finger Ring – Beautiful Lies (Video/Album Stream)


Fresh f dropping their banger a single, “Moderation” f their debut EP, WTF: We The Four, Hip-Hop power group Four Finger Ring return to deliver visuals for their powerful new single, “Beautiful Lies.”


Produced by Skortix, “Beautiful Lies” pulls you in from the first beat and keeps you locked-in throughout. Group members Nu3tron, C4mula, Mic Moses and DJ Zole deliver a track that is both dark and brutally honest, as they attempt to reveal the truth what it’s like to live in the orbit someone battling with addiction and depression, along with the lies, anger and heartbreak that come with the territory.

Nu3tron opens with with his deliberately brooding verses which give way to C4mula’s more uptempo, smooth rhymes which reflect on the good moments and what could have been, followed by Mic Moses’ rapid fire delivery trying to hold on, but having to let go. The hook brings the track back down to a simmer, as the song prepares to begin another cycle from the three emcees, analogous to the behavioral patterns someone dealing with addiction and depression. And although the message can seem harsh, it’s accurate in its depiction how we ten fail to save those that we love, regardless how much support we fer.


Directed by Wackoe, the video conveys the struggles a depressed addict, in a way that closely mimics the song’s lyrics. To tie the song concept to the bigger picture, the video concludes with the following important message: “Globally more than 30 million people around the world currently suffer from some form depression. If you, or someone you know is suffering…there is help…” along with contact details for organizations that can truly help.


Check out the video , and be sure to support their EP, WTF: We the Four which is available now through all digital retailers, and can be streamed in its entirety right here!