Fortnite Streamer Ninja Rumored To Be Facing Lawsuit For Using "N" Word


Famous Fortnite streamer Ninja accidentally dropped the “N” word while live streaming to his fans on the popular streaming platform Twitch. Ninja currently has 4,460,274 followers on his Twitch account. The talented gamer streamed a match where he played alongside Drake and Travis Scott, so it only makes sense that Ninja is a fan hip-hop. When he started rapping along to a Logic song, no one was surprised that he knew the words. Or so they thought.

It might have been more understandable if Ninja was rapping along to a song that was riddled with the “N” word. Instead, he took it upon himself to insert the word in Logic’s “44 More,” which doesn’t feature the use the “N” word once. Ninja forgot the lyrics a few bars into the rap, and dropped the racial slur twice. 

In the world most pressional competitions, using a slur like the “N” word while working is considered a fireable fense. Imagine if Dirk Nowitzki yelled the “N” word on the court, or if Tom Brady was rapping along to a song a dropped the “N” bomb in places it shouldn’t be. Hell would be raised. While the backlash against Ninja has been strong, Newsweek reports that he will not be sued for his use the racial slur.  “Ninja did say the n-word, but Twitch isn’t suing him for it either,” stated the news site. Twitch can technically be viewed as Ninja’s distributor, but they have yet to take legal action against the streamer.