"Fortnite" Servers Have Been Taken Offline For Maintenance


Although Fortnite just received an update that fixed a collection problems, and also gave gamers new goodies such as the “Port-a-Fort,” it looks like the battle royale styled game will be down for an unforeseeable amount time. Gamers who attempted to log onto Fortnite on Wednesday (April 11) were greeted with disappointing outages because the game’s developer, Epic Games, is working on “emergency maintenance.”

In a tweet sent out by Epic Games, the developer wrote, “We’re bringing the servers fline for emergency maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience.” Inconvenience it is indeed, as Fortnite reportedly boasts 3.4 million concurrent players. 

Newsweek reports that database failures that prevented gamers from logging into the game, as well as other account issues, led to Epic Games taking the servers fline for maintenance. The developer has not given gamers a timeframe on how long the fix will take, but they will be keeping players informed as they work out the issues here. In the meantime, I suggest gamers who have become addicted to the pick-up-and-play battle royale game style try out PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) in the meantime, which is a similar game that features a much larger map, vehicles, and a Call Duty styled realistic setting.