"Fortnite" Players Will Receive Compensation For Sever Downtime


Fortnite hit a snag this week when gamers across the globe were faced with account verification issues among other unnecessary and obnoxious glitches that kept them from enjoying the game. Game developers Epic Games was forced to take Fortnite fline to fix the bugs in the servers, which propelled fans the game into a fury. Now, Epic Games is rewarding gamers with a few freebies as they return the servers to a fully functioning status.

Epic Games’ blog wrote in a post, It’s been no secret that over the past 24 hours we’ve been experiencing issues with our services that have prevented many you from playing Battle Royale and Save the World. We’re sorry. We know how frustrating this has been. We messed up here.” This is correct. They continue on to write, “As thanks for being awesome and patient, we’re doing the following:

-For Battle Royale players, this weekend we’ll be fering a Back Bling gift that you can pick up in the store for free.
-For our Save the World folks, this weekend we will be fering a Troll Stash Llama in the loot tab for free.”

They also announced that they will be giving Battle Stars to Battle Royale gamers and Seasonal Gold to Save the World gamers. Now that’s how you handle a server shutdown.