Former ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Believes She Was Demoted Because Of Race


Britt Mchenry transition from Sports Media to Right-Wing commentator may not seem like much a leap with state Journalism being what it is. In a twitter conversation played out in real time, the former ESPN reporter fered her take on her tenure with the Sports Media giant. She has since deleted the tweet, after seeing it pick up traction rather quickly.

The tweet in questions begins with Mchenry claiming “No I was demoted because I was white & made too much,” in response to a twitter user shading her on-air skills. The tweet which was later deleted has been frozen in time by the Internet’s many watchdogs. Mchenry was initially demoted from her field reporter position to a role behind the scenes. In 2017, the network announced it was releasing 100 members staff in a cost-cutting move. Mchenry was among the first to get the axe. Even though her contract was honoured ’til the very end, she continues to badmouth the company at every opportunity.

Mchenry insistence her Right-Wing leanings playing a factor in her demotion doesn’t exactly stack up. Other anchors on the network such as Sage Steele and Will Cain are known to be Conservatively-minded, but are none the less able to create separation between their sports coverage and their politics.