Fonseca’s Says ‘My Music Comes From Being Proud of My Culture’ on ‘Growing Up Latino’


Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca is very proud of being not only from Colombia but also a Latino. And, on the latest episode of Billboard’s "Growing Up Latino" he shares his best stories about Latin culture. “We are very passionate people,” he says, adding “we are really happy to show who we are.”

Fonseca’s favorite street food is Mexican tacos, which he loves to try from different places. Also, while in Mexico, the singer’s ultimate indulgence is la cerveza michelada (which is a beer based drink with salt and lemon).

His favorite childhood memory is the day when he received the first guitar. “I remember I woke up and got this amazing electric guitar… it was small but it was beautiful," Fonseca says of the gift he still has.

Growing up Latino means a lot of things for Fonseca. “I’m a Latino, I grew up in Colombia and for me the Latin culture is so important that’s what makes me proud of who I am. My music comes from being very proud of my culture."

Watch the full episode above.