Flume Drops Collaborative EP ‘Quits’ & Talks New Live Show: ‘Maybe I’ll Move Around, Get Out the Old Keytar’


After a relatively quiet few years, Flume has been back in a big way in 2019.

In March, the Australian producer dropped his 17-track Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape) featuring a barrage of original new productions, albeit many of them only a minute and a half long. This mixtape came amidst a pair of new tracks, "Let You Know" with London Grammar and "Friends" with hip-hop artist Reo Cragun.

On Wednesday (July 31), the producer born Harley Streten is dropping more sonic breadcrumbs with a new EP, Quits, another collab with Cragun. The three-track EP is a fresh update of Flume's classic spandex beats sound, with Cragun featured heavily over all three tracks.

"This EP is us as a friendship, hanging out, just making tracks, having too many good songs and we're like, 'We need to get these out into the world,'" Flume told Zane Lowe on Wednesday (July 31) when EP track "Levitate" debuted on Apple Music Beats 1. "So we were like, 'Let's just do an EP.'"

The EP comes ahead of Flume's stacked summer and fall tour schedule, which includes dates in Asia, North America, Europe and Austalia. Accordingn to the duo, Cragun will appear with Flume for many of these dates. 

"We've been rehearsing. We just got out of rehearsals, actually. But yeah, Reo's is going to be on pretty much all the dates and-It's going to be fun," Flume told Beats 1.

"Honestly, I was really enjoying the time off," he continued, "but now I'm really excited to get back out because we've just been doing rehearsals, and we've got this whole new show thing. It's going to be cool…I guess I'm just trying to do something different. I'm trying to maybe not just be in the same place all the time, as a little dot on stage. Maybe I'll move around. Get out the old keytar and get them moving. Yeah, man. Maybe I'm whipping out the saxophone. I don't know."

Listen to Quits below.