Floyd Mayweather To Begin MMA Training With UFC Champ Tyron Woodley


Floyd Mayweather retired undefeated from the sport boxing, but that says very little about his prospects as a Mixed Martial Artist. In fact, crossing over would leave his perfect record in tact, regardless the outcome his MMA fight(s). One record book doesn’t interfere with the other.

With that being said, we seem to be one step closer to watching Floyd Mayweather compete again as a prize fighter. He shared his plans to train with current UFC Welterweight Champ Tyrone Woodley with TMZ. Floyd is quoted as saying that he is “serious about this” and willing to begin training as soon as schedules permit.

Floyd mentioned that it would likely take longer than the suggested 3 months to acclimatize himself to the sport, as he has no experience whatsoever defending kicks or anything below the sphincter. 

Floyd who routinely keeps in shape, has not switched his diet as yet. If and when his crossover into MMA materializes, all signs point toward a meeting with Conor McGregor on his time. That being said, Floyd has never been one to give up to much leeway in negotiations. As the record states, Floyd plans on training, and he and Conor both walk around at roughly the same weight between fights. The writing’s on the wall.