Floyd Mayweather Gets Revenge On Bone Collector During Charity Game


Bone Collector is one of the most legendary streetball players you’ll ever find and lives up to his name quite nicely. He is constantly breaking people’s ankles and last week, he crossed the soul out of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The two were playing in the $50k Charity Challenge Celeb game and the clip ended up going viral. Mayweather took his L in stride while also reminding all of us that he ended up winning the MVP award at that game.

Yesterday, Floyd and Bone Collector found each other on opposite sides of the court, once again, as they both played in the Quavo x Legends Celebrity Charity Game which was held at the Mamba Sports Academy. Floyd was tasked with defending Bone Collector again, although this time, he was able to leave the game unscathed and with his ankles intact. Mayweather was able to complete his revenge by winning the game which at the end of the day, is all that matters.

Mayweather was on Team Quavo who was able to defeat Team 2 Chainz. Perhaps the most impressive player in the entire tournament was Terrell Owens who actually got off a couple of great dunks.

You can check out some of the footage below, courtesy of TMZ.