Florida Rising Artist/Producer/Songwriter Playboi Nine Releases Collaboration Song ‘’Wet Wet’’ featuring Kansas R&B Sensation T-Rell


The Song has slowly been gaining momentum and has started to become a bedroom anthem for lovers across the world. Playboi Nine a.k.a Terrell Kannady specializes in making radio female friendly songs that bring out the everlasting Florida vibes from which he resides. We asked how did this midwest and southern collaboration take place?? Playboi Nine states ‘’ Well I was already a fan of T-Rell’s Music so I just had my producer Adrian R. Come up with a track then I just reached out to T-Rell and the rest is history!!!!!!!

This type of track brings back that feel good music fans have been craving. Playboi Nine has been releasing music at an extremely high level dropping 4 projects already with a goal of 12 for the year. Speaking on influences like Drake,Lil Wayne,Future and Tory Lanez to name a few Playboi Nine plans to make a name and legacy for himself. ‘’I treat my songs like billboards that I put out in the world that represent me so therefor I’m putting up as many billboards as possible.’’ He has plans of building a huge catalog that fans can go through without being limited. Make sure you follow Playboi Nine on all Platforms and Stream the impressive catalog.

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