Florida Man Hit By Car During 'In My Feelings' Challenge Tells Jimmy Kimmel He's Fine, And 'Famous': Watch


It was bound to happen, and course when it did it happened in Florida. Jaylen Norwood, 22, went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (July 30) to explain what was going on in the video his "In My Feelings" Challenge where he gets hit by a car while doing the dance associated with the Drake hit. "We wanted to make a simple video for our friends," he told Kimmel his crew's plan to do the popular challenge "with a twist" that involved Norwood's friends slowly rolling up in a car. 

"I was going to jump on the hood and continue dancing," he explained. "It went left. He came fast." Because his friend couldn't hear him yell "stop," and because Norwood slipped on a patch oil (from his best friend's car), instead Norwood got hit and almost run over by the vehicle. Oh, and the kid cackling at Norwood's misfortune is his little brother. "That made me madder than anything," he said. "I didn't care about the car anymore. The fact that you can laugh at your brother… he didn't even know if I was alive or not."      

Despite the slip-up, Norwood said it was totally worth it because now he's the "most famous man in Florida."

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently issued a warning about the Challenge, warning people to focus on driving their cars and not hopping out them while they're moving. The Boynton Beach PD also put out a warning about the Challenge.

Watch him tell Kimmel the story his Challenge fail.