FLOCKS self titled album is pure bliss in audio form


FLOCKS is a Cincinnati, Ohio based  3 man band made up  Tom Buckley (drums/samples), Josh Jessen (synths/keyboards), and Stephen Patota (bass/guitar). The band specializes in crafting smooth, groovy soundscapes and have performed with luminaries such as fellow Ohioan Hi-Tek, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Naytronix and more. Their latest output is a 15 track self titled project that showcases the many skills these guys possess from flipping samples, live drumming, and overall musical improvisation.

Their sound is what they call cosmic and we can add it sure has inter-planetary elements. Once you hit play, you get transported into a whole new world possibilities affording you a wide variety emotions that range from sadness, happiness and everything in between. Get the album on Spotify

Need we say more, just hit the play button and get familiar.

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