Flo Rida’s Son Has Already Raised $10K For Autism Research


Flo Rida and his baby mother Alexis Adams have been dealing with custody issues for some time, leading the “My House” music maker to finally give up custody of his two-year-old son with Alexis awarded as the full-time guardian of Zohar. It looks as though move was the best possible one to make since Zohar (AKA Zohar the Au Star) has teamed up with New York University’s Hassenfeld’s Children’s Hospital to raise $10,000 for autism research. 

According to BOSSIP, Alexis hopes that her son’s story will urge families to get their children screened for autism to then have greater access to facilities and resource centers. “At the end of the day, he has a platform and he is rich in resources because of who he is,” she told the publication. “I wanted to help raise awareness because this is something that’s not visual.”

Little Zohar was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and after undergoing surgery at such a young age, Alexis noticed that he was having troubles with developing. It wasn’t until after some more medical attention that doctors diagnosed him on the spectrum of autism. “We call him Michael Phelps,” Alexis said. “He processes things through art as well, and music. He learns that way.” 

She added: “There are opportunities for kids with disabilities to have a normal life. Don’t wait to get a referral…there’s help out there.”