Flo Rida’s Baby Mama Wants More Child Support & Sole Custody Of Their Son


Flo Rida‘s baby mother is taking the rapper to court to get more child support after doctors recently diagnosed their child with autism. Alexis Adams, the child’s mother, asked a family court judge to increase her support to $9K a month to ensure their 2-year-old son Zohar gets the proper treatment for his medical needs. The child was born with a lot of different health problems and already receives specialized therapy for them. The health insurance that the “Low” artist already gives for the boy often leaves his child’s mother with having to make some out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, because she does not have any way to contact him, it is difficult for her to reach out for some extra help. Additionally, Adam’s lawyer Ava Gutfriend shared with BOSSIP that they are seeking for Flo Rida to open up an account that Adams can access in case she needs some extra cash for health-related expenses. 

Along with asking for more money, Adams also appears to be motioning to acquire primary legal physical custody of Zohar because she alleges it will be much easier for her to make decisions around raising him, getting the boy support and resources and obtain important documents like a passport, shared Gutfriend. Flo Rida and his baby mother have been in numerous, vicious legal battles in the past. Hence we expect further details on this later.