Flo Milli Slammed For Dancing In Front Of Confederate Statue In Beats By Dre Commercial


Flo Milli starred in a Beats by Dre commercial in November in support of their Flex That holiday campaign, but she found herself a trending Twitter topic on Monday (January 4) when fans made the ad go viral.

Many were stunned to see Milli dancing to her 2020 Snoop Dogg-interpolating “May I” single in front of a confederate statue in Alabama, while others couldn’t grasp how the headphone giant green-lit the commercial in the first place.

As public relations director Ahmad Davis wrote tweeted, “I just want to know how many people sat at a table and decided that Flo Milli x Beats By Dre commercial was a good idea.”

Another user added, “Listen I love Flo Milli, but they set her up with this one. Why tf would she randomly break out dancing in front of a confederate statue and what does ‘flex that clap back’ mean?”

The 20-year-old was featured in the Flex That campaign for Beats by Dre alongside Cordae and tennis phenom Naomi Osaka, which aimed to promote racial equality. According to a press release promoting the Beats Flex headphones, the company selected “influential Black, Gen Z talent, who continue to take a stand against racial inequality while inspiring youth around the world to bravely challenge norms, push boundaries and celebrate their identities.”

The emerging Alabama rapper finished off 2020 strong by bolstering her résumé and becoming the latest artist to join Rihanna’s Fenty x Savage army as an official ambassador for the lingerie brand.

Find more fan reactions to Flo Milli’s Beats by Dre commercial below.