Fletcher Tries to Move On From Heartbreak With ‘One Too Many’: Listen


For the past year, rising pop singer Fletcher has been singing almost exclusively about a breakup — the entirety her latest EP, You Ruined New York City For Me, is a rumination on the complexities of splitting up. But with her newest song, Fletcher's getting one last dig in before she moves on.

On Friday (Nov. 15), Fletcher unveiled her latest single "One Too Many," a bumping pop track where the star wishes her ex the worst as she storms out of a bar. The song's verses see the singer in the process of moving on, singing that she's "done with comin' undone" and "so over getting over you."

But as the track continues, she slowly starts to tell her ex off (with the help of some much needed alcohol). "I hope that band you like breaks up/ Your new girl finds out you suck," she sings.

Fletcher is currently preparing to start her upcoming tour opening for Lewis Capaldi and Niall Horan. Starting April 2020 in Nashville, Tenn., Fletcher will tour all around the United States, culminating in a final performance in San Jose the following May. Get your tickets here.

Check out Fletcher's new single "One Too Many" below: