Flavor Flav Named In Paternity Suit; Woman Claims He Fathered Her Two-Month-Old Son


He already reportedly has seven children, and now a woman claims to have given birth to Flavor Flav’s eighth. The 60-year-old rapper may have just become a father once more, according to a woman named Kate Gammell who has asked for a Los Angeles County Court to help establish paternity of her two-month-old son Jordan.

In documents reportedly obtained by The Blast, Gammell wants the court to confirm that the Public Enemy rapper is Jordan’s father so that Flav can begin paying child support. The outlet states that Flav and Gammell have known each other for years as she was first Chuck D’s assistant. Gammell also worked with Flav by helping him with various aspects of his professional career with appearances and apparel.

Growing Up Hip Hop New York fans will see more of Gammell on upcoming episodes as The Blast reports her pregnancy, baby shower, and hospital birth was documented by producers. Flav’s other children will also be in scenes with Gammell, however, the publication alleges that Flav refuses to speak with her because he doesn’t believe he is Jordan’s father.

On the current season of Growing Up Hip Hop New York, viewers have watched as Flav’s adult children have openly discussed heir strained relationships with their father. The rapper has stated that he will try to be more available to his kids so that they can work on rebuilding trust. Check out a few photos of Flav with Gammell throughout the years, along with pictures of Baby Jordan below.