Flamenco Singer Rosalia to Appear in Director Pedro Almodovar's Next Film


The millennial flamenco sensation will appear with Penelope Cruz in the Spanish director’s new movie, “Dolor y Gloria.”

Let the flamenco clapping continue! Rosalía, whose new single “Piensa en tu Mirá,” was released on Monday (July 23), was met by unanimous international applause in advance an album that will certainly confirm her growing fame as the voice a new generation.

While the song’s video racks up views, the 24-year-old Catalan singer is also busy filming her debut acting role in the new movie from director Pedro Almodovar. Rosalía will appear alongside Penelope Cruz in Almodovar's Dolor y Gloria (Pain and Glory), which features Antonio Banderas in a leading role. Of course, we can expect Rosalia to be the cornerstone the movie’s soundtrack as well.

Almodovar is best known for his strong female characters, but his appreciation for female voices surpasses that any contemporary director. In the past, he’s honored Chavela Vargas and La Lupe through his movies, and brought Buika, Estrella Morente and Luz Casals to new audiences. Now it’s Rosalía’s turn.

“When I was little I watched Pedro’s movies with my mother and my sister and the women featured in them seemed from another world and at the same time so familiar,” Rosalía wrote on an Instagram post accompanied by photos her first day shooting. “My life has always been about singing, playing, dancing, acting and I can truthfully say that I dreamed about doing something like this since I was a little girl.”

Almodovar burst onto the international scene in the 1980s, as Spain emerged from a cultural slumber a 40-year dictatorship, with films that declared the emergence a new movement from the underground while caricaturing the constricts traditional Spanish society.

The videos for Rosalía’s "Piensa en tu Mirá” and her previous single “Malamente” were created by Canada, a Barcelona production company known for its bold work. They also embrace typical Spanish iconography, but from a 21st century perspective, contrasting flamenco and bullfighting imagery with cars, motorcycles, guns and other images that are constants in the visual language urban music.

Rosalía’s increasing presence in Spain’s audiovisual scene also extends to television: she sings the theme song the second season Paquita Salas, which caught on as a web series and premiered this summer on Netflix. The show, described as a “tragicomedy” by Brays Efe — who plays the brazen actors’ agent Paquita — is a direct heir to the irreverent, and distinctly Spanish, legacy Almodovar.