FKJ Debuts Heartbreakingly Beautiful ‘Ylang Ylang’ EP, Made in the Costa Rican Jungle


In a world of electronic musicians who strive to play live, FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) is the multi-instrumentalist poised to steal your heart.

His stage shows are grand displays of talent, a one-man affair that uses samplers to create layers of heartbreakingly-beautiful groove with guitars, piano, saxophone, synthesizers and more. It's always a lovely affair, and today, he's managed to dig even deeper into his soul with a six-track EP called Yang Ylang. 

"It's the name of the place I stayed isolated for months in the jungle," FKJ is quoted in a press release. "I want to present it a more like a conceptual one, like a film scoring of that time and place."

The very-personal EP is representative of a tumultous time in his life. For six months in 2019, the musician escaped the day-to-day by isolating himself in the Costa Rican jungle. 

"There is almost no one there," he says. "No electricity. I was making music out of a generator that was running only by night. The most beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches. It's one of my favourite places in the world. When I made music there it felt kind of like a dream state."

The full EP is out today on Mom + Pop, and he celebrates the release with a music video for the moving, jazz ballad title track. The clip was filmed in the jungle, where FKJ made his studio. It's pure ear and eye candy.

Watch the video for "Ylang Ylang" and listen to the full release below.