First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Yotto, ATLiens, Jubilee & More


New Music Friday is intense. Hundreds of songs drop from artists around the world, and you're supposed to somehow find the best ones. It's fun work, but it's time-consuming — so we at Billboard Dance want to give you a hand. Each week, we sift through the streams and dig into the digital crates to present absolute must-hears from the wide breadth of fresh jams. 

This week has brought a heavy downpour of A+ tunes, including a new live album from Four Tet, DJ Snake's much-anticipated Carte Blanche LP and an undeniable heater from Berlin icon Paul Kalkbrenner. There's all of that coming in addition to all of this: nine brand new jams spanning house to bass to melodic techno and more. Let's dig in. 

Ross From Friends – “The Revolution”

This glitched-out, glittering groove moves between a repetitive sample hook and intoxicatingly-fizzy freak outs. It's experimental without sacrificing an ounce of funk, a delightfully weird four-and-a-hair minutes we want to listen to again and again. It's the lead single of a new EP titled Epiphany due out  Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder on Aug. 16. While writing and recording the EP, the producer credited his new wordworking hobby as an influence. "I constantly wanted to take a step back and think about the structures in a more conventional sense,” he's quoted in a press release. “I spent a lot of time making it sound like it could be played in a club.” Listening to “The Revolution,” this all makes sense. — KAT BEIN

Qrion – “When You Want To Rave”

Who's ready to walk through a time warp and into a '90s warehouse dream? Back in March, the Japanese DJ and producer dropped some jazzy breakbeats on “Hope You're Okay,” but this latest jam takes the retro sound to a whole new level. The rhythm is manic and infectious, the vocal samples perfectly hazy, and the synths are dreamy and a bit psychedelic in the way that one on hallucinogens might stare into the depths of unknowable space and therein find some sort of beauty. The song plays for nearly five minutes, and takes some fun twists and turns before it's through. It's one for your weekend party, for sure. — K. Bein

Yotto – "Shifter"

The Finnish producer is launching his new label, Odd One Out, with "Shifter," a darkly urgent melodic techno epic made for dancing with your eyes closed in dark clubs. "I strongly believe that nobody could do a worse job running a record label than me," Yotto says in a press release. "To make sure I stay ahead of the competition in terms of idiocy and surreal zookeeping, I present Odd One Out – an amalgamation of galactic chase scene soundtracks and sunshine-inspired techno blues. We are all odd ones out there – this music is for the outsiders.” All these oddballs can gather at Yotto's extensive tour, which extends from now into December with sets at festivals including Ilesoniq, Electric Zoo and Freaky Deaky. — KATIE BAIN

Jubilee – “Mami” feat. Maluca

It's high summer, and that means fly mamis everywhere are rockin' their heat-beatin' best. If you're going to sweat as soon as you walk outside, you might as well dance to something that makes sweatin' feel good. This Miami-born, New York City-based producer knows all about that mood, so she and NYC-native Maluca gave you something to stunt to. “Mami” is a seductive, dancehall-inspired jam that works in electronic sets and Latin clubs alike. It also heralds Jubilee's next album, currently in the works and due out later this year. — K. Bein

Yacht – "Scatterhead"

The beloved three piece band is back with "Scatterhead," the first track from their forthcoming LP, Chain Tripping, out August 30 DFA. The track is a funky, spooky head-bobber built on layers of basslines, rapid percussion and Claire Evans' dually husky and feathery vocals. This is dance music in the tradition of Yacht's DFA labelmates LCD Soundsytem, and that is a very good thing indeed. — K. Bain

ATLiens – "Shelter"

After getting support from genre heavies like Skrillex and Bassnectar, bass duo ATLiens are releasing their call to arms EP Ghost Planet, out today Bassrush Records. Its star track is "Shelter," which plays dually like a peak hour festival anthem and the soundtrack to a movie in which aliens descend from deep space to take allo of earth hostage. The sound is massive, but the production remains clean, with inverse drops that play like the reflection of fire on metal. The duo recently wrapped a North American tour and has upcoming festival sets at Get Freaky, Moonrise Festival, Dancefestopia and Excision's Lost Lands. Go get some. — K. Bain

Gavin Rayna Russon – “Heaven's Highway” feat. KC Ortiz

Grab that ghetto blaster and push the volume to 11. This trunk rattler wants to rip your brain through the space-time continuum onto a dance floor of true freedom. The Lord said, “Let there be nasty, evil bass,” and lo, Gavin Rayna Russon's bass was good. The LCD Soundsystem synthesist puts her whole back into this beat while Alabama-born, Chicago-based rapper KC Ortiz drips dirty south swag like honey on them hi-hats. “Heaven's Highway” touches on both artists' relationships with their religious pasts, complicated by their trans identities. “Heaven's Highway” was released as an Adult Swim Single. Give it about 400 listens. — K. Bein

Eli Brown – "BS48"

It's prime time at the club and the dancefloor is going off. What do you want hear next? This one, perhaps on repeat. The new track from Bristol house producer Eli Brown is an absolute burner of a gospel house anthem out today Big Beat Records. A truly undeniable track, Brown fuses big-ass house with elements of drum'n'bass for a song that rises and falls with real sophistication and raw power. –– K. Bain

DJ Seinfeld – "Lovejoy"

Sometimes you just want bongos! And chanting. And synths on which you can float away. Swedish lo-fi house star DJ Seinfeld amalgamates all three and much more on "Lovejoy." Taken from his two-track Lilum EP, out today Young Ethics, the track is a playful yet fully sophisticated joyride with the "Inspector Norse" vibes we all know and love, and some Caribbean heat to boot. This one is presumably even more fun live, and you can catch the producer drop it upcoming shows throughout the United States and Europe including next month's Splash House pool party fest in Palm Springs, Calif. — K. Bain