Fiona Apple Responds To Lil Nas X’s Request To Collab


Last week, late-90’s superstar and iconic singer-songwriter, Fiona Apple, called out Lil Nas X for not clearing a sample of her song. Lil Nas X interpolated a part of Apple’s 2012 song, “Every Single Night,” in his song, “Kim Jong” off his Nasarati mixtape. Last week, in an incredibly rare interview, Apple told Vulture that she was frustrated when Panic! at the Disco sampled one of her songs without permission, as well. Through a video shared on her friend’s Twitter account – Apple doesn’t have social media – Apple said that Vulture forgot to include her mentioning of LNX’s sample theft. In the video, she playfully teases the Panini artist: “Hey, where’s my money, you cute little guy?.”

LNX responded to Apple’s mafia-esque request by tweeting, “me & fiona apple should do something together for my album.” Apple, a serious dog enthusiast, replied asking for a “puppy play date,” as they both have Bernese mountain dogs. She also shared another video showing her all giddy about a potential collaboration with him. “I would love that,” she beams. “This is such a good ending to this whole story.” She did clarify that she won’t be going on social media anymore, so she’ll get in touch with him personally.

While a collaboration between the two could be interesting, Lil Nas X probably should pay Apple her royalties. Apple’s 1997 hit, “Criminal” was used in the recently released film, Hustlers, and she decided to give all the royalties to an organization that assists refugees.