Felly Connects With Santana For Groovy, ’70s-Themed ‘Heartstrings’ Premiere


Felly has built quite the buzz on the back of impressive projects such as Wild Strawberries and 2018's Surf Trap. The Los Angeles-bred artist returns on Tuesday (Oct. 29) to premiere the haunting "Heartstrings" visual, which calls on legendary guitarist Carlos Santana for a feature. 

Felly actually gets behind the camera to direct the first video of his career, as the clip heads from the serene California beaches with his love interest to the open land with breathtaking mountain views. There's even raw footage of the 24-year-old hitting the studio with Santana, where he's soaking up as much knowledge from the Latin music deity as possible. The flick captures a vintage '70s aesthetic, which also sees multiple shots in one to add a certain element of chaos to the video.

"Working with Santana was one of the most powerful musical experiences I’ve been granted so far It had a supernatural feel to it," he tells Billboard. "They treated me like an equal, which is refreshing in today’s climate. Santana kept commenting how 'haunting' the track was. I thought that was the most bad ass compliment I’ve ever heard. His roadie laughed and said, 'Don’t be surprised if you hear a record that sounds like this on our next record.' I left feeling like I had a torch to carry."

The Same Plate Entertainment artist has had enough of playing into a certain image, which is why he grabbed total creative control to execute a refreshing narrative with "Heartstrings." "I looked through dozens of treatments and video ideas with elaborate plots and none represented what was going on," he explains. "I’m bored with putting on an act or fronting for the camera. I wanted to create something organic and natural with this visual.

Wath the "Heartstrings" video below. Look for Felly's next album to drop in 2020.