Felix Cartal Taps Zedd, Kaskade, Anna Lunoe & More For Inspiring ‘Right Now’ Exclusive


If you can believe in anything, believe that you’re not alone in feeling down. Nobody is perfectly happy all the time. Even the most successful among us question their worth and talent.

Your idols are human, and to show this truth, Felix Cartal got with Kaskade, Zedd, Anna Lunoe and other creatives in the dance music world to talk about the very real way they deal with insecurity and self-doubt. He filmed their advice and words of encouragement, then he set it to the sound of his uplifting single “Right Now.”

"I've always wanted to make a video to help inspire artists who are just getting started," Cartal is quoted in a press release. "Sometimes, it feels like being stuck is something that only happens to you. It's not true. Everyone feels that way sometimes. This video has been over a year in the making, and I'm so proud of it finally coming together. To eery single artist, creator or human who's ever been stuck, this video is for you."

The nearly four-minute video is very inspiring. The artists involved encourage us all to push through, to lean into what makes you different, and dive deep into uncomfortable situations. Work for what you want, and don’t worry if it takes time to get there. If you keep an eye on your dreams, you’ll get where you’re meant to be.

It’s hard not to be uplifted. The sheer stacked list of 30-plus cameos is exciting in itself. Steve Aoki, Tokimonsta, Chet Porter, Jauz, Lights and more make appearances. Who else can you spot?

The full musc video is set for wide release Monday, Nov. 4, but we were so moved by Cartal’s message, we got the exclusive for you below. Do like the song says and don’t wait. Just watch it “Right Now.”