Feds Uncover 20 R. Kelly "Sex Tapes" With Help Of Turncoats In His Inner Circle


According to Gerald Griggs, the attorney representing Joycelyn Savage’s family and several other “victims” who’ve testified against R. Kelly – the Northern District of Illinois has unearthed well over 20 home videos in which he ostensibly performs sexual acts with minors. R. Kelly’s penchant for videotaping himself and his “captives” in the act is nothing new, yet the sheer depths of his collection is altogether startling. You can bet Griggs and federal law enforcement will do everything to get these documents cleared for use in court. If deemed suitable, the 20 sex tapes will likely form the basis of Kelly’s 5-count federal indictment, issued on Thursday.

Several days ago, R. Kelly was apprehended by federal law enforcement agents while taking his dog for a stroll in the neighborhood. The 13 federal counts range in seriousness from the mildest offense: obstruction of justice, to various counts of “enticement of a minor to engage in criminal activity,” and child pornography.

Within the same body of text is outlined a scenario in which R. Kelly connected with a preteen aged 12 or 13-years old, only to consummate the relationship, in a sexual capacity, two years later in 1998-1999. As of this moment, Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and agents based in Illinois, are working hand-in-hand to create a semblance of order for all the overlapping case files, pertaining to R. Kelly’s shady dalliances with underage women.