Feds Deem 6ix9ine’s "Child Sex" Case Irrelevant In Current Trial


6ix9ine hasn’t entirely been, as they say, an upstanding citizen. More often than not, the once-rainbow-haired young rapper has found himself running afoul of the law. Long before an extensive RICO case led to the incarceration of himself, and many of his former Treyway associates, 6ix9ine spent time battling a “child sex” charge. The incident in question, which took place in February of 2015, found 6ix9ine in an uncompromising position with a minor, and ultimately led to four years of probation.

Feds Deem 6ix9ine's "Child Sex" Case Irrelevant In Current Trial

 Bob Levey/Getty Images

Now, with the young rapper speculated to appear as a witness against two members of the Treyway Gangsta Bloods, Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison, it would appear that government officials have moved to clear the air. According to a report from Complex,  US Attorney Geoffrey Berman has requested judge Paul Engelmayer to prevent any mentions of his child sex case from being raised by defense attorneys. The logic being its irrelevance to the ongoing case, and the possibility of swaying a jury against 6ix9ine entirely. 

As Complex’s report states, documents (written in the always-fun to discern speak of “legalese”) read as follows:

“[T]he Government respectfully requests that defense counsel be precluded from cross-examining CW-2 regarding…an October 21, 2015 conviction in New York County Supreme Court of Use of a Child Less Than 17 Years of Age in a Sexual Performance. The October 2015 Conviction is likely to cause a jury to unfairly discount CW-2’s testimony due to feelings of disgust concerning the underlying conduct. Cross-examination about this topic would be inappropriate because it would be substantially prejudicial, entirely nonprobative of any relevant issue, and irrelevant to testing the truthfulness of CW-2’s anticipated testimony.”