Fedde Le Grand & Funk Machine 'Flex' Big Electro Vibes With General Levy: Exclusive


Put your hands up for Fedde Le Grand's latest electro bang fest. The legendary Dutch DJ and producer is back with a mega “Flex” on this Funk Machine and General Levy collaboration designed to get your blood pumping from dusk 'till dawn. It's a club-ready anthem both brash and booty-full, and it's as funkdafied as its list creators would suggest.

“Flex” is the sound neon lights turned up to full brightness. London's Levy on the mic adds a bit Caribbean flair, but the drop is 100 percent pure electro grit and groove. If you've been paying attention to Le Grande's catalog through the years, you may recognize these synths as a mirror to his single “Don't Give Up,” the production has been refreshed.

You'll have to wait until Monday, May 14, for the full release, but you can listen to “Flex” below right now, exclusively on Billboard Dance.