FBI Confirm They’ve Analyzed "Big Foot" Hair


People have been trying to prove that Big Foot exists for ages, and according to newly released documents from the FBI, the government agency actually looked into it at one point. According to NBC News, a man from Oregan pressed the GBI to test hair and tissue samples that he believed could belong to Bigfoot. 

FBI Confirm They've Analyzed "Big Foot" Hair
Keystone/Getty Images

“The FBI has analyzed hair in connection with the search for Sasquatch, aka ‘Bigfoot,’” an internal FBI memo from February 1977 states.

The Oregan man, 93-year-old Peter Byrne, said that he’s still on the hunt to prove the existence of the creature. “It’s a great challenge,” Byrne said about his decades-long search for the Yeti. Byrne’s gone on three lengthy searches for the Yeti in Nepal in the 1950s but no dice. After moving back to the States in the 60s, he directed “The Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition” in Oregon where — with the backing of some wealthy men — he would try to come up with conclusive evidence of Big Foot. 

The newly released documents confirmed communication between the FBI and Byrne, although he downplayed that he did. 

“The FBI has analyzed hair in connection with the search for Sasquatch, aka ‘Bigfoot,’” the agency wrote. “It was concluded as a result of these examinations that the hairs are of a deer family origin. The hair sample you submitted is being returned as an enclosure in this letter.”

Byrne explained in his letter to the FBI in the 70s that the hair wasn’t able to be identified and that the FBI needed to examine in in order to confirm that this could be Bigfoot’s hair.

“We do not often come across hair which we are unable to identify,” he wrote. “Will you kindly set the record straight, once and for all, inform us if the FBI has examined hair which might be that of a Bigfoot, when this took place, and if it did take place what the results of the analysis were…Please understand that our research here is serious.”