Fate of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Revealed in Season 8 Opener


Spoiler alert: this story contains information about Sunday night's (April 14) Game of Thrones episode.

Typically, when a secondary character is dispatched on Game of Thrones, that is that last you ever hear of them. But on Sunday night's season 8 premiere viewers got a tiny Easter egg glimpse at the fate of one of the series' most polarizing bit players. Perhaps you recall that way back when season 7 premiered in July 2017 actress Maisie Williams' (Arya Stark) dreams came true when her favorite singer, Ed Sheeran, made a cameo as a red-headed troubadour singing around a campfire.

It was a brief, but much-remarked upon bit scene for Sheeran (appearing as a Lannister loyalist named Eddie who regales the troops with a song called "Hands of Gold"), and on Sunday night we found out what happened to him.

In the season opener for the final run of GoT episodes Jerome Flynn's Bronn is interrupted mid-foursome at a brothel, leading to a discussion of the bloody battle between the Targaryen and Lannister forces that included Daenerys' dragons blasting fire across the battlefield. "That boy Eddie?" one woman said as the prostitutes lamented the fallen soldiers. "The ginger?" anther replied. "Came back with his face burned right off. He's got no eyelids now," she said. "How do you sleep with no eyelids?" 

In a chat with BuzzFeed last year, Sheeran was asked what became of old Eddie and he had a slightly different theory. "I know what Game of Thrones fans hoped happened to my character. I'm sure they think my character got brutally, brutally murdered, but I think my character is still out there," Sheeran said. "I think he's chillin'. It was fun being in Game of Thrones, but I definitely think they should've killed me off in the episode. I reckon that probably would've been the redemption for people that didn't like it."