Fat Joe Details What Led To Long-Standing Beef With Jay-Z


The bromance between New York rappers Jay-Z and Fat Joe is undeniable. The pair have a close relationship that many fans don’t get to see, and Joe even told us back in January 2018 that he wished he and Jay connected earlier on in their careers. “He’s a great guy. You know, we text each other on Christmas [and] New Years,” Joe said at the time. “We tell each other how beautiful it is to have such a close relationship and a beautiful relationship and I wished we were friends sooner. It’s been a beautiful experience.”

Although Fat Joe sang Jay’s praises, the pair weren’t always on the same page. There was a beef going on between the two, and Joe shared details of their prior animosity with Angie Martinez on Untold Stories of Hip Hop. In a clip of his episode he posted on his Instagram gave some background into what led to their long-standing feud.

“Jay-Z’s the richest guy in the world. He got everything in the world. The one thing that I love is the Rucker,” Fat Joe said of the famous park in Harlem that hosts streetball games. “So, one year, Jay Z decides to put a team at the Rucker. I won six championships out there. I’m 99 and one…this is my baby. I felt, why do they want to come to my park and take my little crown that I got?” What ensued were a few lyrics being thrown back and forth between the two until it blew up into a full-blown beef that kept the rappers at odds for years. Check out the story along with our 2018 interview with Fat Joe below.