Farmer Rick Ross Names Cow With MMG-Worthy Moniker


Rick Ross bought a whole bull last week and showed how happy he was when the order came in on a trailer truck. The Biggest Bawse didn’t have an official name for his new pet yet but opted to call it Boss Angus in the meantime.

It’s been almost a week since Ross made the purchase, and it looks like he finally has a name for his new pet. But according to Ross, a new name isn’t the only thing he’s thought of since purchasing a bull. Rick Ross took to his social media with a post revealing his new plans for his growing farm.

“Y’all know I just bought a bull last week. One of my homies called it a steer, and I just named my steer. I named it Thor, my first bull,” Rick Ross said. “But I went to sleep last night, and while I was asleep, Thor began whispering to me, and you see this on the wall. You see that? That’s a buffalo. You thinking what I’m thinking?”


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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Rick Ross is looking to purchase a full-blown buffalo to add to his collection of animals. If he gets it done, Rick Ross will be even closer to having a fully-functional farm on his massive “Promise Land” property that already has several horses and a John Deere tractor that he uses to cut the grass on his 235-acre estate.

In an interview with Forbes last year, Rick Ross gave fans an inside look at the tractor that comes with air conditioning, tinted windows and a radio.

“People still know it’s me, but when I get in the tractor, it’s a whole other level of peace, a whole other level of connecting with the estate and the animals and the birds and the wildlife,” he said.