Fan Tackled By Security After Crashing Stage At Gucci Mane Concert


Everyone likes a good turn up every now and again, but one fan didn’t quite know what he was in for when he hopped up onstage during a recent stop on Gucci Mane’s tour route. It was while Gucci made an appearance at Tuskegee University in Alabama that a man jumped up and began to dance while inching closer and closer to Gucci.

Before he could get near him, though, Gucci’s road manager, known pressionally as Snake, intercepted the play with a full-on block. Soon after, the young man was taken down by various members the security detail, being dragged down to the floor and f the stage before the music was cut f.

“Somebody Tried to Sack The QuarterBack last nite but shout out my road manager aka Fullback,” the 1017 honcho penned in a caption that accompanied the clip. As hilarious as an initial reaction may seem, it did look as though all the guy wanted to do was party with La Flare. Nonetheless, these are the risks associated with getting too close for comfort when it comes to your favorite celebrities.

Gucci Mane’s schedule is pretty packed for the remainder the year as he has performance dates scheduled throughout the country, heading to New Jersey on the 19th before continuing on to Illinois, California, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, and even in Reyjavik, Iceland. He’ll close things out with a September 16th performance in his native Atlanta. Let’s just hope concertgoers at these future shows take heed Friday night’s cautionary tale.