Fan Army Face-Off Round 4 Begins: Vote Now!


It’s time for round 4 Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off!

Round 3 came to a close with some seriously close calls for Camila Cabello’s Camilizers, who came out just 284 votes ahead Niall Horan fans, and Selena Gomez's Selenators, who topped Charlie Puth's Puthinators by just 220.

Now, the stakes are even higher for the Fan Armys as they battle for a spot in the semifinals.

With Adele’s Daydreamers facing f against Selena's Selenators, Harry Styles’ Stylers battling Camila’s Camilizers, Liam Payne's fans taking on Super Junior's E.L.F, and BTS’ A.R.M.Y facing Ariana Grande's Arianators, it’s hard to say who will come out on top.

Vote for your favorite here, and stay tuned for round 4’s winners.

Fan Army Face-Off Round 4 Begins: Vote Now!