Fan Army Face-Off: Harry Styles' Stylers vs. Camila Cabello's Camilizers in Round 4


Billboard's annual Fan Army Face-Off is getting down to business in the fourth round, determining which fan armies are strong enough to move into the semifinals. One exciting match-up has Harry Styles' Stylers battling Camila Cabello's Camilizers.

Stylers are known warriors on the voting bracket, taking down whichever army stands in their way. Currently, they're topping the Camilizers' 239,142 votes with 241,959. Camila's fans need to prove that they're "Real Friends" and take to the polls if they want to send their queen to the top. 

Round 4 the Fan Army Face-Off ends at 11:59 a.m. ET on Wednesday (Aug. 15). Cast your votes here!