Fan Army Face-Off 2018 Round 3 Begins: Vote Now!


It's time for round 3  Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off!

Round 2 closed Wednesday morning (Aug. 1) was a nail-biter featuring some unexpected results. Adele's Daydreamers defeated Justin Bieber's Beliebers and Taylor Swift's Swifties were victorious, beating out Demi Lovato's Lovatics.

The competition gets a lot tougher this round, which lasts until next Wednesday (Aug. 8) at noon ET. Now is the time to get your votes in! Swifties, you will be going up against Harry Styles' Stylers, while Selena Gomez's Selenators are going up against Charlie Puth's Puthinators.

There should be some very close races as the stakes get higher. Vote for your favorite here.