Famous Dex Weighs In On Lil Xan Controversy And Confirms New Album Release Date


Famous Dex is one the young rappers generating the most buzz, with his star continuing to shine brighter as he preps his upcoming album release. While it was previously announced to be dropping on March 23, Dexter has pushed it back. They say that good things come to those who wait, and this may be true in Dex’s case. Mark your calendars because Dex Meets Dexter will now be releasing April 6. The star explained that the date was chosen as a means to celebrate his little sister’s birthday, who he lost to breast cancer.

The news was revealed on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, where Dexter also gave his two cents on the fiasco surrounding Lil Xan and his clout-critiquing  Tupac. Dex backed up Lil Xan by saying that you can’t get mad at him since he didn’t grow up on Pac. However, his neutral territory was claimed when he also emphasized his immense respect for the OG’s who paved the way for younger rappers like himself and Xan. Dex says that, instead going straight for Tupac, Xan should have considered saying he doesn’t like old school rap in general, as that may have angered people less.

Dexter also goes into detail about regretting his face tattoos, saying that he wants to explore the world acting and, with his ink, it will be difficult for him to land roles. Watch some clips from the interview below.