Fall Out Boy’s, Pete Wentz, Speaks on OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” + Working With Wyclef Jean


The beautiful thing about Hip Hop is that it crosses paths with so many other musical genres, and cultural avenues (TV, Film, Fashion, etc). A recent example of this is the lead singer of Alternative/Rock band, Fall Out Boy, discussing the influence of Outkast and their single, “Hey Ya!” Pete also shares his experience working with Wyclef Jean.

Pete Wentz talks about Fall Out Boy’s latest single, “Dear Future Self (Hands Up),” and how OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” is the, “…perfect song because it’s weird and you’ve never heard something like that before, but at the same time it feels like, warm and fuzzy, because it feels like something you have known.” [0:50] He goes on to say how “Hey Ya!” is the song they were reaching for with their new single, and how Wyclef Jean helped them achieve it.