Facebook Secures Music Licensing Agreements With All Major Labels


Facebook’s newest agreement is a beneficial one for creators across the board. With the amount content uploaded on its services – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Oculus included – there are bound to be restrictions; particularly with copyrighted content. However, their deal with Warner Music Group, announced today, allows users to post their content using music published by the corporation. Thankfully, recording artists will begin to earn royalties f it.

The agreement with WMG joins the likes Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, securing the major music labels for Facebook. If users desire to use music from the big 3, it will no longer be taken down due to copyright infringement. This works out in everyone’s favor, generating more original content.

“The team at Facebook is creating a truly innovative product and is showing real commitment to its participation in the growth the music business” said Eric MacKay, EVP Global Digital Strategy. “We’ve taken our time to arrive at the best possible deal, one that recognises the value that music creates on social networks, while empowering our songwriters to reach audiences around the world, in a way that will spark creativity and conversation among their fans.” Expect this win-win situation to result in more videos popping up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.