Fabolous Trolls Step-Daughter Taina Williams For G Herbo PDA Photo


Mere hours after Taina Williams threatened to unfollow her mother Emily B and her partner, rapper Fabolous, on social media for being a little too affectionate in their photos, she went and did the same thing with her man G Herbo. As you would expect, that was met with a cheeky reply from Fab himself, comically trolling his step-daughter in the comments section and reminding her that she might need to take a step back.

Fab and Emily B have been rekindling their flame after a semi-dramatic year and online, they’ve been painting a picture of a couple that has fallen hard in love. Posting a few raunchy pictures from a recent event, Taina Williams said that she was getting pretty close to removing her parental figures from her social media list. Fab decided to have a good laugh with her after she gave G Herbo a romantic kiss on the cheek, clapping back with his own response

“But you was talking bout me & ya mom.. never mind,” laughed the classic rapper. G Herbo even chimed in and he seemingly took Fab’s side, which will likely be beneficial for him in the long run. “Lol I be telling her chill,” said the Chicago spitter. 

If we’re being honest, Fabo’s photos were a little cringeworthy and we don’t blame Taina for reacting with such disapproval. Still, we’re happy to see both couples thriving right now.

Fabolous Trolls Step-Daughter Taina Williams For G Herbo PDA Photo