Fabolous Shares Comment Section Love For Emily B: "The Baddest Of The Bad"


Fabolous and Emily B have made a serious full circle in regards to the troubled past in their relationship. If you can remember, last March Fabolous was booked on domestic abuse charges when he reportedly punched Emily B in the face, threatened to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and threatened to kill her. When Emily’s father arrived at the couple’s home, Fab threatened his father-in-law with scissors after a gun he had in the home was hidden by Emily. 

The couple still got back together after the fact and Fabolous quietly served a sentence for the charges. A few weeks back it was suggested the Fab and Emily broke up after Emily’s social media shares suggested so but then the couple was spotted on a date at a strip club putting the break reports to rest. 

Now that things seem to be going well between the two, who raise two sons, Fab is back to boasting about his partner and has done so in the comment section of her latest share to Instagram. Emily shared a sexy image to her feed and Fab couldn’t help but comment: “The baddest of the bad. You look amazing babe 😍🖤”

Fab recently shared a post of his own to his Instagram story revealing that he wants to have a daughter. “Always only wanted boys, but recently talked about having a girl. Now I can’t get it off my mind. All my friends who have daughter tell me that daughter LOVE is different,” he wrote.