Fabolous Recalls Dropping $100K On A Lil Wayne Verse, Kid Cudi Tension & More


It goes without saying, but Noreaga’s Drink Champs has led to some excellent conversation with the game’s legendary OGs. The most recent episode features none other than Loso himself, Fabolous, covering two hours’ worth of material. Given the lengthy runtime, there’s plenty of reflections and insight to parse through, including a particularly interesting anecdote circling back to the Ghetto Fabolous era. For some context, Fab’s debut dropped on September 11th, 2001, when the lyricist was only seventeen years old. 

“I even had a song with Lil Wayne that never came out,” explains Fab. “They was so hot. They came to the studio. Steve Stoute gave them $100 grand for Lil Wayne. They was scorching. Cash Money in 99 and 2000. Gave them $100. They also requested four bottles of Cristal. I don’t know what it was but it was Cris…We in the studio, we thinking four bottles of Cris mean they gon’ come in, we gon’ vibe. Drink some champagne. Wayne came in there, did his verse in fifteen minutes, then he was out. Took the four bottles with them. That was my first time even seeing something like that. This shit is different!”
 Fabolous Recalls Dropping $100K On A Lil Wayne Verse, Kid Cudi Tension & More

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He also breaks down the reason he’d avoid working with 6ix9ine, even if offered a hefty, Lil Wayne-esque fee. “I don’t like the standard it set,” explains Fab. “If you do that, you gon’ suffer the consequences of what you do. We can’t set that for our kids, for the public. That’s not cool. And it’s the way it came about. It wasn’t like a civilian. That shows kids of this generation that you can do that, and when it goes left…alright, I’ma go right, come back left, and you’ll fuck with me.” 

Curiously enough, Fab also opens up about some tension between himself and Kid Cudi, which occurred over the song “You Be Killin Em.” “You know who sneaky called me about that record? Kid Cudi,” explains Fab, revealing that he was shocked by how it all went down. “He’s like ‘yo Fab, I did that joint with Ryan Leslie and I didn’t get my credit or my money…I’m like, Cudi, bruh, why you on my line with this? I guess he chased down and found my number to hit me up with this. He was like, I’m supposed to have credit or money.” Nore questions why he didn’t deal directly with Ryan Leslie, the song’s producer. “That’s what I be saying,” says Fab. “You gotta relax, Kid Cudi. You blocked on everything right now. Now I gotta unfollow you and everything. I don’t even know why you calling me! The song is a hit already!”