Ezekiel Elliott’s Mom Claps Back At Skip Bayless For His Disrespect


Skip Bayless has always been one of those television personalities who says and does things that consistently get him into trouble. By trouble, we don’t mean any legal or moral trouble, but trouble in the sense that people don’t take too kindly to what he has to say. The most recent example of this was just a couple of days ago when he threw his Ezekiel Elliott’s jersey in the trash after he had yet another bad game. Surprisingly, Elliott’s mom saw Bayless’ tweet and hopped on Twitter to react.

As you can see, Dawn Elliott wasn’t very pleased with Bayless and had some harsh words regarding his fandom. “I certainly hope I don’t ever see @RealSkipBayless post another pic wearing my son’s jersey,” Elliott said.

This wouldn’t be the first time a parent has gotten involved when it comes to criticism against their child. JaVale McGee’s mom once lashed out at Shaq for continuously clowning him during NBA on TNT broadcasts. We’re sure Bayless isn’t too shaken up by this and will supposedly be addressing it all on Undisputed today.

Bayless is a huge Cowboys fan and as soon as Elliott has a great game, we’re sure he will be changing his tune pretty quickly.