Ezekiel Elliott Handcuffed At EDC Festival: Video


Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was reportedly handcuffed at the EDC Festival over the weekend after got into an altercation with an event staffer, according to TMZ Sports. Although he was placed in cuffs, Elliott’s attorney claims he was not formally arrested.

TMZ reports that Zeke and his girlfriend were apparently seen arguing in a parking lot at around 3am just before the incident took place. The couple was seen speaking with event staffers, when Elliott challenged one of them, “You got something to say!?”

As seen in the video footage embedded below, the Cowboys running back then got chest to chest with the man, who went tumbling into a guard rail and onto the pavement.

According to attorney Frank Salzano, Elliott was released shortly after the video ends and he was not formally arrested or charged with a crime. Salzano maintains that his client was just having a regular discussion with his girl, and instead blames event security for “overreacting.”

“Security misconstrued and overreacted to the situation,” Salzano tells TMZ Sports

“He was cuffed as a precautionary measure. He was released with no charges. He left Vegas that night and went to his [youth football camp in Dallas] on Sunday.”