Frank Vanegas – ‘No Birthdays’

Coming off his highly-praised release “Rubix Cube”, audiences have been anticipating Frank Vanegas’ next move. “No Birthdays”, his latest release, finds him at his sharpest and most in tune with himself, and while that’s no extraordinary fact for the Queens based artist, he digs even deeper than anything we’ve seen before in this track while still giving the feeling that he achieves it effortlessly. “No Birthdays” also features a beautifully captured music video, displaying his young boy celebrating his birthday, and where Frank reminisces about his previous birthday spent in prison. Sonically, “No Birthdays” is undoubtedly one of Vanegas’ wisest and most matured release so far, where you can clearly witness the tranquil mastery of his poetic flow.
Always on the move looking for new sonic textures, using an ethereal keyboard line for what is by far one of the best instrumentals we’ve heard in a while, without forgetting his emotionally powerful vocal delivery. “No Birthdays” is set to spark mass appreciation among urban music lovers and propel Frank Vanegas to new heights in the coming months, as we impatiently wait for his next song to be released. Frank Vanegas - Instagram