Exclusive Interview With Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artists & Producer Nova Gholar


California-based singer-songwriter, recording artist, and producer Nova Gholar has just dropped a single and music video titled “FRDM,” from his upcoming EP. Gholar follows-up in style to his previous hit, the song “WNDR,” dropped alongside powerful visuals revolving around African aesthetics a few weeks ago. We had the opportunity to chat with him about his career, musical style, inspiration and more!

Hi Nova Gholar! We loved your music and we’d like to hear more about your journey so far.

What made you decide to step into the music industry professionally?         

 I decided to step into the industry when I moved back to Chicago from college. I wanted to take my career path seriously so I connected with some cool artists around Chicago. I  built my name by producing for local artists and throughout the Illinois college circuit. My love for sharing my music and my talent for producing my own music provided me with solid connections that helped me launch my career.

Tell us about how you developed your unique sound. 

I developed my sound by reaching back to my roots of gospel and  rhythm and blues, connecting it with my love for New York hip hop and worldly sounds. I love to mix a plethora of genres because I always had a holistic approach to creating. If the melody is sublime and the rhythm is groovy it’s my type of vibes, I don’t box myself in because the spirit of god cannot be boxed in.        

What’s the message behind your work?          

 The message behind my music is freedom of expression for the artist, I believe that we have had enough of traditional politicians and lawmakers. If we put out faith in the real genuine freedom loving artists of our generation I believe we will see art and ideas that change the way we see the world as a whole. So many great artists are shelved by companies  that don’t want to put them out or crooked managers that seek to steal from the artist. I believe once the good artist that stand for balance and integrity are more frequent in the sonic ether, we will change the world because music is frequency and energy, and if 100, 000 people can be in front of one person and any given time, that should show how powerful this medium we call music really is.

Name two singers/musicians who impacted your style the most?  

I would say Michael Jackson and Kanye West are 2 artists that come to mind when it comes to the influence in how I approach music. There are so many to name tho, as I am an amalgamation of what has come before me that makes what I do unique.

What is your biggest inspiration to create?   

Women and  the power of love and culture are my creative muses. Women represent creation and in a time of so much destruction I like to uplift the woman and the love frequency so we can see more loving souls creating more loving souls. Culture is my driving force for most of my feels. As a black man I feel a responsibility to  create more of what native African American culture looks and sounds like.

Are there any exciting upcoming releases fans should look out for?

Yes I have an EP WNDR dropping top of the year. My most recent song WNDR visual is out now and I just released my second song from the WNDR project called FRDM a couple days ago. FRDM visual is a powerful video and song forcing the viewers to instill faith in self and one’s own ability to create change and have a sense of freedom from an otherwise robotic culture and hive mind. Also I will be throwing 2 huge shows in LA and Chicago at the top of the year.

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